Sunday, 24 November 2013


We started to build a gingerbread house a bit early this year, to help get ready for Christmas.  

This is the drawing I made for my roof, but it doesn't look anything like the roof I have now.

I'm measuring!

Click *HERE* to listen how I used math to make my gingerbread house.

We made real gingerbread!

Gingerbread dough feels squishy!

They're looking good!

Mom's going to have to clean that up... but not me!

I like the taste of the icing.

I thought we should use our Halloween candy to decorate the gingerbread houses.

My brother and I both made gingerbread houses, but mine is bigger! :)

Please click *HERE* to listen to my story about my Slime Sanctuary.


  1. Ally, I am so impressed with what you made and what you learn in the process. I really liked hearing you talk about your creation and that you could point to objects in the app and share more insights with us. I love that you added salty snacks to a traditionally sweet project. It made me want to eat some Cheetos :) thanks so much for sharing your thoughts and process.

    1. Ally's reply: "Oh wow! Thank you for the comment. I like using the Show Me app a lot."