Wednesday 15 April 2015

Starting the expairament

Hi today I will start my new Expairament about magnetic putty. For the next week I will tell you how the putty is doing๐Ÿ˜Š
He's back!
I used one magnet and a peace of magnetic putty. Tomorrow morning I will get back to you guys on how it's doing 

Day 1

I  had to change the magnet last night but, this is what it looks like the first day

Sunday 12 April 2015

Silly putty

 Today I will be talking about silly putty, but not just any silly putty, magnetic silly putty.   
I got "crazy Aaron's thinking putty" super magnetic quick silver. 
One container, obviously 
One magnet 
And a bunch of awesome magnetic silly putty 
When I left it alone over night this is what happened. 

Monday 26 January 2015

"Buddy Rose is Now My Gecko"

              I did this with my mom, she helped me do the techie stuff. 
              First we got the karaoke version of Billie Jean. 
              Then we got an app for the computer called Garage Band.
              Next we recorded my voice to the song.
              Finally we made the video.

This is me meeting Mrs. Fuglestad, who helped me do this project. Thank you, Mrs. Fuglestad!