Sunday, 26 May 2013

Looking For Fiddleheads

Today, I went "fiddle hunting" with my friend Aggie, my Mom and my Nanny.  Take a look at my pictures that show what we harvested:

 These are what we were looking for...

 But don't pick these ones!


 Nanny likes eating fiddleheads

All you have to do is pick off the brown stuff & then boil or steam it 

 What pretty flowers!

 Don't pick these -- they're the wrong kind

 Just perfect!

 How big can these things get?

 I have one to bring to class!

 This is where I took it from

 These are the mushrooms that Aggie found

 Can you guess what this is?

 Aggie holding a fiddlehead

 It was so hot, I almost melted! 

 Found some!  ...and a bit of rabbit poo...

 What a collection!

 Found a little bit more

 I think we're done for the day

 ...done picking anyway!

 Me & Mommy

 Moss, moss & more moss

 These are too tall

 Old vs. new

Nanny and her harvest

I learned a lot about fiddleheads, and how to stay away from rabbit poo, but I had a really fun time.


 Bon appétit!

...and the verdict is:  PERFECT!

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